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Boujee Sliders


High-class website. A website that has custom Swiper JS sliders for Webflow.

Gimme Sliders

Let’s face it, Webflow native sliders are sh#@*t!

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You realized creating sliders in Webflow is crap, especially if you want to add custom functionalities. Then you find out about Swiper JS and realize you need to be fluent in JS + debug all day long.

That's where boujee sliders come in

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A growing collection of SwiperJS & Webflow sliders

Pick and choose from a growing library of already customized sliders with interactions and use 100% of what SwiperJS has to offer.

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super easy One-
click install

Just copy one of the sliders you like to your project, paste a script in the project head code, and look sexy.

Adjust sliders to your brand and make it elite

Do the final touch, update fonts, and connect a CMS to start attracting elite clients.

Free sliders

We have a tutorial library for adding each slider to your project, in addition to completely free support.

Access all sliders and stay up to date with the latest releases